Northline promotes safety by engaging 100% of our employees in thinking, communicating, and acting safely. We have a successful foundation for a genuine Safety Culture; however continual education, process improvements, and monitoring are imperative to maintaining this culture with a constantly changing labor force. The following are Northline's Safety Culture Imperatives:

  • Safety should be everyone’s top priority in business and in life
  • Safety is a lifestyle, not a compliance requirement
  • Everyone is accountable for safety and everyone is a Safety Supervisor at Northline
  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility, not a staff support function
  • Being safe requires both preventive and compliance behaviors
  • Safety is an integral part of conducting business and managing projects
  • Everyone is an example of safety to someone else
  • On the job and off the job, safety thoughts and behaviors are interdependent and habitual
  • Working safely requires contextual thinking, patience and self-discipline
  • Consistent management attitudes set the focus and tone for working safely

Northline’s mission is to not be reactionary – we believe all accidents can be prevented. We record all incidents, including minor, non-reportable observations (anything unplanned). Observations allow us to take immediate mitigating actions, before a more serious incident occurs.

Safety Initiatives

Northline has several safety initiatives, including but not limited to:

Northline utilizes an online application called SafetyNet from Predictive Solutions that allows for real time job site assessments (JSAs) to be performed, documented and distributed to the Northline Management Community, leadership roles in the field and our customers.

Safety Orientation
As our field personnel come from various IBEW union halls, areas and states, we have realized the importance of inducting them into our safety culture from the first moment they are hired. Through a customized online application, we have developed a new hire safety orientation and test that communicates clearly how important safety is to Northline's culture. 

Ongoing Training
Northline recognizes that the Construction Leadership needs further training and awareness of their responsibilities, a number of initiatives have been undertaken:

  • Supervisors Training in Accident Reduction Techniques (START)
  • On the Frontline – Leadership training for the power transmission and distribution industry
  • Job site assessment and Unsafe acts safety communication
  • “Listen up, Speak up”


Northline Utilities is responsible for carrying out planning, project management, and construction, as required, on behalf of our customers. We believe it is our duty and responsibility to minimize the environmental impact of our activities, products, and services. We promote environmental awareness and establish the behaviors and values that frame our goals for ensuring the protection, enhancement, and sustainability of the environment. We promote continual improvement by encouraging open and constructive dialogue with all persons involved with our activities and other stakeholders, to continually challenge our environmental protection-related performance.